I am up until dawn, with a gaping hole in my chest.


I know you can tell that I breathe fire.

I am a horrid, hairy creature.

I’m a grotesque nightmare, woman monster.

I’m an animal, a fucking animal!

I’m a volcano, spewing blood-red lava onto your clean furniture.


I am desperate and needy.

I am fiending for your love.

I cower at your feet. Love me, love me, please.

I am a leech ready to suck your blood.

I will take over your life.


I am tits and ass.

I am exotic eyes and eyebrows.

I might as well be Kim Kardashian.

I am a one-eyed, shaded thing at the bar.

A voluptuous head of hair, unveiled and exposed, for you.


I am dying for you to see me.

I’m terrified that you will see me.


I am destroyed by the very thought of you.
I can’t sleep, I can never sleep.

I have forgotten who I am.
I must be alone. I need to be alone.
I know how to be alone.


Not black or white, I’m somewhere in the middle hues.

I am not in the news but ain’t I a woman too?

How it feels to be free? I, too, wish I knew.



I’m a soft, motherly vessel.

I’m “such a good listener.”


I am an angry woman.

Loud and hostile.

I am bitter and depressed.

I am soooo irrational.


I know you hate me so I think that I hate you.

But I love you, oh I love you!

Please, please let me love you.

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